Advice for Graduating Seniors and Their Parents

One of the many casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic has been (or will be) the loss of certain rites of passage for the high school class of 2020. In no specific order, most have lost out on competing in their final year of spring sports, their proms, their graduation ceremony, Senior skip and/or prank day, […]

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Teddy’s Strange Problem – Short Story

Little Sammy rushed through his homework so that he could play with his toys. Teddy was his favorite – and his car, hat, toolbox, Rubik’s cube, and spinning top. When Teddy wanted to go to work, he would take the toolbox, wear the hat, sit in the car with the top and Rubik’s cube in […]

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Be A Good Neighbor

My Granddaddy once told me that one hand washes the other! This means when you help someone else out you are really helping yourself out. He used to always say that this is such an easy and simple secret of success. Yet, many people tend to overlook this simple secret of success and continue to […]

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Parents: 4 Apps That May Keep A Child Safe Online

Parental-control apps for smartphones can help kids understand the concept of limits that should not be crossed, for their safety, in this digital world. That is, these security apps could help educate and prevent children from taking certain actions and accessing improper contents, such as texting with strangers or viewing adult contents, respectively, while at […]

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Lonely Lana Changes Her Mind

14 year-old Lana was fed up of feeling left out of a group of girls at her new school. Moving schools can be tough at any age and Lana, one term in, was yearning for the feelings she used to associate with her old group of pals. In truth she still saw the old gang […]

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Some Quranic Tips to Prevent Your Kids From Telling Lies

Here are some Quranic verses and Prophetic words that parents can use to train the children to speak the truth. This article is ideal for Muslim parents but are generally helpful for all whether you are training yourselves, your employees, an organisation or your family institution. Related ProductsLoading products..

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